How to Apply

Students must meet the eligibility criteria in order to apply for the UWC colleges. Students can download the application form in English or Nepali from this website and complete it in their preferred language. This application contains five parts all of which must be completed and submitted no later than 20th September, 2017 (Deadline Extended).

You can download the application forms here:



Application form in pdf format

Application form in pdf format
Application form as Word file (docx)

Application form as Word file (docx)

How to Submit

There are two ways to submit the application form. The completed application form along with the additional documents can either be

Submitted in hard copy at COMMITTED Nepal’s office


Scanned and email to

Application Fee: Rs. 2,000 (Payable at the time of submission or into our bank account and scanned receipt emailed to us.)
Bank info: National Committee UWC Nepal, Account number 019 001 410 900 16, Himalayan Bank, Thamel.

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