United World Colleges

UWC’s 17 schools and colleges deliver a challenging and transformational education to more than 9,000 students each year.

Each of our schools and colleges has a distinct character and identity. This is influenced by their locality in either urban or rural settings and each reflects cultural elements of its host community. But what makes each school or college special is the student body whose diversity makes it a unique place of learning.

While our schools or colleges accept students from many countries, they also welcome a significant number of students from their host country. But one thing they all share is the UWC values.

Below is the list of UWC schools and colleges around the world.

Africa Europe
Waterford Kamhlaba UWC UWC Adriatic
UWC Atlantic College
Asia UWC Dilijan
UWC ISAK Japan UWC Maastricht
Li Po Chun UWC UWC in Mostar
UWC Mahindra College UWC Red Cross Nordic
UWC South East Asia UWC Robert Bosch College
UWC Changshu China
UWC Thailand North America
Pearson College UWC
South America UWC-USA
UWC Costa Rica

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